Dear postdoctoral scholars,

  • Are you interested in academic careers with projects that have translational or commercialization potentials?
  • Are you interested in careers in the pharmaceutical or biotech industry?
  • Are you interested in adding additional credentials in your growing CV to be even more competitive in the job market?
  • Are you looking for additional training without impacting your current research?

We are excited to announce the launch of a new university graduate certificate program “Translation and Entrepreneurship in Biomedical Sciences” (TEBS). This 14-credit certificate program will begin this August (2019) and is specifically designed with postdocs in mind. In this program, students will learn about new advances in biotechnology and translational research, while incorporating relevant knowledge from the worlds of biotechnology commercialization and entrepreneurship.

Coursework in the program is intended to be completed over a two-year period and will be flexible to pose the least possible conflict with primary research work. Coursework is also designed to build upon features of the postdoctoral fellow’s research project, so that both the fellow and advisor derive benefit from their participation.

We are excited about providing an opportunity to increase the opportunities for postdoctoral scholars, strengthen skills beyond the bench that may help ultimately in enhancing employability and opportunities beyond academic research laboratories. Depending on appointment and pending faculty mentor permission, the cost of the entire program could be completely covered by tuition benefit for USC postdoctoral scholars.

For official program information please visit the catalogue page in in the University web site.