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Translational Biotechnology Hosted Seminar by Daniel Zahler from Picasso Health


Need Some Professional Advice?

- how biotech consultant works
- how to become one

Daniel Zahler, J.D.

Founder, Picasso Health

Wednesday, February 20, 2019
1:00 – 2:00 pm
NRT 2508

Daniel Zahler created Picasso Health to bring a data-driven approach to healthcare innovation. His mission is to help healthcare leaders develop life-saving new therapeutics, medical tools and services and improve healthcare on a global scale.

His journey began when his father, a cardiologist, was diagnosed with a brain tumor at a young age. Frustrated by the conventional healthcare system, he dove deep into the world of biomedical science. He studied under top scientists and medical researchers at Harvard and Yale Medical School to learn how to prevent and manage illness.

Today, Daniel is a nationally recognized health and technology leader with deep experience driving growth and performance improvement at leading healthcare and life sciences players. He advises clients on digital therapeutics, medical data & analytics, mobile health, AI & blockchain, medical devices, and surgical technology / robotics. His writing has been featured in Thrive Global, Harvard University Press, and The Journal of Biological Chemistry. Previously he worked as a technology entrepreneur, a venture capital investor at Goldman Sachs, a consultant at McKinsey, and a biotech investor at RA Capital. He serves as a Council Member at GLG where he advises global business leaders on healthcare innovation.

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