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Keck Genomics Platform Hosted USC Translational Genomics Symposium


USC Translational Genomics Symposium


Wednesday, May 29, 2019
8:00 am – 5:00 pm
Aresty Auditorium


See what NGS can do for your research

Over 100 participants joined us for a unique opportunity where we brought together speakers from across the academic, clinical, and biotechnology spectrum to discuss how they are using next-generation sequencing in this exciting space. Whether you are interested in advancing your research, bringing game changing therapies to market, or partnering to maximize the effectiveness of translational studies, this event provided the research community with insights and ideas all under the same roof.  Scientists explored the impact of health disparities research, functional properties of single cell, and epigenetic biomarkers and circulating methylome snapshots to gain deeper insight into the etiology of human disease at this symposium hosted by USC’s Keck Genomics Platform and Illumina.

In this second annual symposium, content appealed to a wide range of researchers seeking to apply translational genomics into relevant clinical features.

Symposium Flyer