Enrique Velazquez, M.D., Ph.D., M.S., MPH

Dr. Velazquez’s research involves two main components.  First it integrates clinical and genomic data that is pulled from multiple sources, e.g. Electronic Health Records (EHR), by using big data management systems and big data analytic techniques.  Second, it uses gene expression to discover genomic level biomarkers related to cognitive function in individuals with neurological disease.

“There’s a lot of biology and behavior that you can understand by linking information, I think in the future, if we can find a way to integrate clinical and genetic information, it will be a great opportunity to advance the medical field.” Dr. Enrique Valezquez

As a teacher, he leads classes in statistics, data analytics, and bioinformatics, and as a bench scientist, he has studied neurological conditions, transplantation immunology, and basic cell biology and mechanisms. As an epidemiologist, he’s committed to delivering precision public health, using genetic data to assess risk and inform prevention strategies for individuals and communities. As a native of Mexico, he is part of USC’s Translational Genomic’s efforts to build and learn from diverse populations in order to serve diverse populations.

Assistant Professor of Research Translational Genomics Institute of Translational Genomic Health Sciences Campus NRT 4516 1450 Biggy Street, Los Angeles