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Cecilie Boysen, Ph.D.


Cecilie Boysen, Ph.D.

Dr. Boysen obtained her Cand. Scient in Biochemistry from Univ. of Copenhagen in Denmark, and her PhD in Biology from Caltech, Pasadena in the lab of Leroy Hood. Here she developed the DNA sequencing technologies for the use of Bacterial Artificial Chromosomes as the preferred substrate for the human genome project, while sequencing T cell receptor loci in human and mouse.

Dr. Boysen brings more than 25 years of leadership developing and applying technologies and software in genomics, functional genomics, immuno-oncology, diagnostics, drug discovery, and bioinformatics.

Working at PACT Pharma, Dr. Boysen launched a lab in Pasadena, implementing microfluidic chip technologies from Caltech to identify patient specific T cells that recognize tumor neo-antigen/MHC complexes for the purpose of developing TCR-T cell based immunotherapies.

Prior to that, she was managing QIAGEN’s consulting business in the US, for their bioinformatics programs in advanced genomics. Working with the latest Next Gen Sequencing technologies, projects included bioinformatics solutions for analysis of Gene Panels, Exome, WGS, RNASeq, HLA, IG/TCR, mitochondrial, viral and bacterial typing as well as forensics applications in partnership with pharma/biotech companies, hospitals, academic, reference and government labs.

Previously, Dr. Boysen has been product manager for several bioinformatics software packages at Paracel and Vialogy, where she also was part of the FDA led MicroArray Quality Control Consortium. In a diagnostics lab, she worked with bioinformatics workflows for NGS data analysis in personalized medicine and clinical interpretation following CAP/CLIA guidelines. Dr. Boysen started her carrier in drug discovery, implementing new wet-lab technologies and bioinformatics tools to identify novel G-protein coupled receptors at Lundbeck in Denmark.

Dr. Boysen’s current interests evolve around developing and implementing technologies and bioinformatics tools in cancer immunotherapy as well as diagnostics for routine screening and early detection of cancer from liquid biopsies.

Adjunct Lecturer
Department of Translational Genomics
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