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We have created two master’s and two graduate certificate programs to arm biomedical scientists with additional skills for analyzing, processing, and managing large-scale data, and to provide students with strong knowledge and procedural road maps of the entrepreneurial process in biotechnology from idea generation through economic viability.


This program combines a unique curriculum of foundational learning and practical training, teaching students to translate genomic and molecular insights into the creation and application of biotechnology in the research and medical sciences industries. Bioscience-based courses are integrated with entrepreneurial elements that explore the economic and regulatory frameworks that impact the development and use of new interventions. This program is ideal for biologists, medical students, investors, industry professionals, and all those who are passionate about biomedical sciences and would like a career in biotechnology beyond laboratory research.  A Graduate Certificate option is also available.

Biomedical Informatics

This program will take scientists’ knowledge of bioinformatics to the next level, enabling them to analyze, apply, and integrate the latest data tools in the laboratory. They will be able to extract information to better understand biomedical problems, and to design experiments to address those problems. In preparation for a spectrum of careers that span from research to the clinic, students will understand their critical role in working with data under a bevy of regulatory bodies. Graduates of the two-year program will be well suited to work as applied bioinformaticians within academic and clinical research laboratories, pharmaceutical companies, and biotechnology companies.

Translation and

Translation and Entrepreneurship in Biomedical Sciences is a graduate certificate program ideal for postdoctoral researchers, Ph.D. students and clinician scientist scholars who aspire toward an academic career with a strong translational component, seek to become entrepreneurs, seek a career in a start-up company in the life sciences, or spire towards a career in small to large pharma or biotech companies.  The program is also suitable for professionals in management, investment, regulatory affairs or law in the biotechnology industry with a strong background in the biomedical sciences and who wish to get a deeper understanding of the commercialization process and how it links to scientific discoveries.


There is a skills gap in trained individuals within biotechnology, genomics, and bioinformatics that is significant and cannot be overstated. Within laboratories across academia, healthcare and industry, researchers are finding themselves lacking the ability to analyze or understand the next generation of genomics technology, its data, and how it can be interpreted. This is affecting the field’s ability to make new biomedical discoveries and translate these from bench to bedside. In many cases, the tools exist — it is the expertise to use and apply them to a specific biomedical problem that does not. Bridging the gap will require interdisciplinary training that explores business as well as biology, and fosters collaboration at the bench, the bedside, and the boardroom. We are committed to addressing these problems by training biomedical students, technicians, and other healthcare scientists in the application of bioinformatics and biotechnology tools and translational research focused on moving biomedical research from bench to bedside.

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