Department of Translational Genomics Lab Pages, Student Resources, and Web Applications


  Fall Sp Su Dept Code Title Syllabus  
  v     TRGN 536 Biotechnology Primer link  
    v   TRGN 537 Pathway and Target Discovery link  
    v   TRGN 538 Seminar in Translational Biotechnology link  
  v v v TRGN 539 Translational Biotechnology Practicum link  
  v     TRGN 540 Translational Biotechnology Capstone Preparation link  
  v v v TRGN 541 Translational Biotechnology Capstone Defense link  
  v     TRGN 542 Biotechnology Based Therapeutics link  
  v     TRGN 543 Biotechnology Entrepreneurship and Commercialization I link  
    v   TRGN 544 Biotechnology Entrepreneurship and Commercialization II link  
    v   TRGN 545 Exploring Chemical and Biological Therapeutic Modalities link  
  v     TRGN 546 Biotechnology Intellectual Property, Regulatory, and Corporate Law link  
  v     TRGN 550 Communicating Science: Writing link  
  v     TRGN 551 Communicating Science: Speaking link  
  v v v TRGN 590 Directed Research link  
  v     TRGN 510 Basic Foundations in Translational Biomedical Informatics link  
  v     TRGN 514 Introduction to Human Genomic Analysis Methods  link  
    v   TRGN 515 Advanced Human Genomic Analysis Methods link  
    v   TRGN 516 Translational Genomics, Applied Databases and Data Structures link  
    ?   TRGN 524 Applications of Genomic Technology in Biomedical Research I link  
        TRGN 525 Applications of Genomic Technology in Biomedical Research II link  
  v     TRGN 526 Clinical Bioinformatics in Genomic Testing link  
    v   TRGN 527 Applied Data Science and Bioinformatics link