The Graduate Certificate in Translational Biotechnology is ideal for students who wish to expand career options in the biotechnology or biomedical sciences industry, but do not wish to pursue a full graduate degree.

  • Professionals in management, investment, regulatory affairs or law in the biotechnology industry, to extend their knowledge of the science behind this industry, enabling them to make better decisions regarding this rapidly developing technology.
  • Current graduate students, to learn translational biotechnology in addition to their own field of concentration.
  • Students with a moderate biology background, to extend their course work in biotechnology and therapeutic discovery and development.
  • Students interested in doctoral programs or professional degree programs, to build a strong foundation in biotechnology prior to applying to their top programs of study.

Program Summary

A minimum of 14 units of course work from Translational Biotechnology curriculum is required for completion of certificate program.


Core (Required, 6 units)

Student with strong background may substitute core with other appropriate courses, with permission of the program director.

  • TRGN 537 Pathway and Target Discovery
  • TRGN 543 Biotechnology Entrepreneurship and Commercialization I


Electives (8 units)

Choose from below as well as other courses available within the Translational Biotechnology program. All courses should be selected with the approval of the student's academic adviser.

  • TRGN 536 Biotechnology Primer
  • TRGN 538 Seminar in Translational Biotechnology
  • TRGN 539 Translational Biotechnology Practicum
  • TRGN 542 Biotechnology based Therapeutics
  • TRGN 544 Biotechnology Entrepreneurship and Commercialization II
  • TRGN 545 Exploring Chemical and Biological Therapeutic Modalities



A graduate GPA of at least 3.0 is required at all times. Any student whose graduate GPA falls below 3.0 will be placed on academic probation. Students on academic probation who do not raise their GPA to 3.0 after two semesters of written notification of academic probation will be academically disqualified.